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SketchBlock 3.4 - Digital Sketching For The Amiga (SVN: 386:520M) - ToolsWindow

This window contains the tool selection, tool options and colour controls.

Gadgets And Controls

Choose the required tool by clicking on the row of buttons at the top of the window. Currently only paint and erase are impemented.
Paint into the active layer of the Sketch using the mouse or graphics tablet using the currently selected foreground colour. Detailed Docs On The Paint Tool
Erase the active layer of the Sketch, if the layer has an alpha channel (transparancy) then the alpha channel is reduced towards zero making the erased areas transparent. If there is no alpha channel, then the erases areas are replaced with the background colour (white for the moment).
Smudge the painting. Create smooth blending or wet watery effects.
Smooths the painting by applying a gausiun blur under the brush, only works with bitmap brushes.
Move the active layer. Drag to a new position with the mouse, or specify exavtly with the settings.
Rectangle Select:
Select a rectangle.
Elipse Select:
Select a elipse.
Colour Select:
Select a colour.
Flood Select:
Select by floodfilling an area.
Tools Settings
Set the attributes for each tool, this section of the window is dependant on the tool selected.
Colour Selection
Choose the current colour for painting using the colour wheel to set hue and saturation and the slider to select value.
Choose whether to edit main or alternate colour (foreground / background)
Swap main and alternate colours.
Open the advanced colour editing window.
Open/ close the palette window or press shift when clicking to load anew palette

Future Plans

The range of tools will be considerably expanded, with each tool implmented via a plugin. Each tool with have it;s own settings GUI which will be dynamically updated as the tool is selected.

The colour wheel gadget / slider combintaion does not feel intuitive, so will be expanded to include more types of colour selection gadgets.

The latest version of this document can be found at