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SketchBlock 3.4 - Digital Sketching For The Amiga

Path Editor

Keyboard and Mouse driven no GUI (experimental version)

Paths are displayed as lines and curves in the sketch window, points are small sqaure, solid for vertices, empty for control points. The active polygon is drawn red, and the active point is outline with a larger square.

Mouse Actions:

Keyboard Actions:

Tip: Due to the editor script runing aynchronously, occasionally a window update will erase the displayed object lines and points, just tap the left and right arrow keys to refresh the display.

Notes on paths:

Path in SketchBlock consist of a number of Polygons (really polysplines). The splines in a polygon can 0th order (no control point, straight line) 1st Order (1 control point, conic) or 2nd order (2 control points , cubic) all three types may exist in any one Polygon. Up till now they have been used 'internally' for font generation and rndering, now they can be saved as part of the project and save and loaded seperatly to independent files.

The latest version of this document can be found at