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SketchBlock 3.4 - Digital Sketching For The Amiga

Move Tool

The move tool allows you to move layers and later other objects arround with the mouse or through the GUI... It only operates on the active layer.

Move Tool Settings

When the Move tool is active the settings for the tool can be modified via the settings panel in the Tools Window.(Shown Right)

The following attributes can be controlled.

MoveTool ARexx Commands

To pass ARexx commands to the Move tool you must use the SketchBlock ARexx command COMMANDTOOL



Sets the Move settings to the provided values. All the settings are updated so all required terms must be specified.



Retrieves the current settings via a STEM varaible.
Pass the variable to which the settings will be added. The values will be added to the stem variable useing the name above with no index component. eg If the STEM var was FOO pressure size will be added as FOO.PRESSURESIZE

The latest version of this document can be found at