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This site intends to support and promote the blues. It's being set up and run by a group of musicians based in Portsmouth and will concentrate on our local blues scene. There is a section on each of our current projects, the Bullfrog Blues Club (a new and promising enterprise being run by John from Barking Spider promotions),a giglist and links to other sites of interest. Read the news page to find out about the latest additions to the site.

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Here's a break down on the various sections of the site, including the bands and artistes and organisations featured. To go to each section click on the link or on the matching icon in the navigation bar above. (If you are viewing without frames you will see a text based navbar). As you move arround the site the icon corresponding to the section your viewing will be hilighted ( by changing from black and white to colour) Placing the mouse over a link to another section of the site causes the appropriate icon to change.

Andy Broad
Andy Broad has been playing and singing the blues professionally since 1989.He has worked in various bands including the Busted Fender Blues Band. Currently Andy plays acoustic blues either solo or as a duo accompanied by harmonica or saxophone and in two of the bands featured on this site, Burnt Ice and The Rhythm Kings. His current CD 'From The Roots On Down' is available by mail order. He also designs websites, including this one!
Burnt Ice
Burnt Ice are probably the longest running blues band in Portsmouth. Formed in 1987 they have been playing their brand of funk and jazz influenced blues for almost 14 years.
The Westside Blues Band
The Westside Blues Band specialise in blues from the westside of Chicago, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Magic Sam etc.
Walker Broad
Walker Broad feature the core song writing team of Sandy Walker on vocals &s piano and Andy Broad on acoutsic guitars, ably supported by the rhythm section of Simon Tufnail and Alan 'Blackie' Blackmore. Focusing on original folk jazz and blues music, but with some standards and tradtional numbers thrown in.
Bullfrog Blues Club
The Bullfrog Blues Club meets on the fisrts Thursday of the month at the Dockyard Club, Onslow Road, Southsea.
Links Page
Links  A page of links to other related sites. Some are for other local musicians or local music resources others are sites of more general blues interest. ( A few folk links seem to have crept in we won't tell anybody if you don't).
Gallery  The site gallery, photos and videos of the various acts on the site, plus also some of Andy Broad's Digital Artwork.
Gig List
Gig Listing And Reviews  This section contains listings and reviews. The listing is divided up into three sections. A section for the fetured bands, a section for The Bullfrog Blues Club, and a general blues listing. The last section include any blues related listings for the area. If you know of a blues gig not listed let us know. Including your own! (

The reviews part of this section will have reviews of local blues events, pictures etc. Submissions are welcome.

Blues.mp3  Here you'll find downloadable blues music in mp3 format. There's at least one for each featured artiste or band. In the future ther may be specials such as live performances, recorded at The Bulfrog Blues Club. Have a listen, then go and see!
Andy Broad
CD's  Several of the artitse featured on this site have released music on CD. This section contains info and purchase information. So if you had a listen but were unable to come and see, now you can buy!
Home Page
Home Page  That's this section! At the top of the page you'll find links to the Guestbook and News pages. Go back up have a read of the guestbook and then sign it! Leave your comments and observations or just say hello. On the news page is the latest info about what's happening on the blues scene and also details on the latest changes to the site.

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