(Andy Broad)
Track Listing
Track Title Duration Author
1.Woman I'm Lovin3:13(Andy Broad)
2.Ain't Scared4:18(Andy Broad)
3.Paper3:39(Andy Broad)
4.This Crying Has To End6:43(Andy Broad)
5.HoldIng These Feelings4:21(Andy Broad)
6.One More Day3:59(Andy Broad)
7.Walk Outside3:42(Andy Broad)
8.Shake3:10(Sally Strawberry)
9.Too Late4:26(Andy Broad)
10.Every Penny Of The Deal4:26(Andy Broad)
11.Mosquito Hunt 3:15
12.Bonus Track: Pretty Nose
(Recorded at L'Eglise Du Barry - July 2014)
5:00(Andy Broad)