Blue Graffiti

Blue Graffiti

Raw Rootsy Blues

Andy Broad & Chris Shaw have been working together since the end of 2009 when they met up at various jams in the Portsmouth area. (A classic way for a musical partnership to start if ever there was one!).

The duo take Andy Broad's raw syncopated blues and combine it with Chris Shaws Jazz drenched sax playing to create a lively and varied sound. Imagine if Robert Johnson or Lightning Hopkins had played with John Coltrane!

The set comprises a whole range of blues based material from Robert Johnson classics played on slide guitar to foot stomping boogies (Andy uses a stomp box to add extra rhythm to the live set) to more contemporary material from the likes of Robert Cray and B.B.King. Chris weaves his sax playing through all of this moving from mellow and sympathetic to screaming ecstatic virtuosity. A good percentage of the material is original songs, and all are arranged and presented in fresh new ways. Some numbers have a worlds music twist with arabic and spanish sounds coulouring the music, some move towards psychedelia but still keeping the blues as the fundamental core.

On the mellower side the duo also have a jazz based reportoire incuding many latin numbers so can start an evening with a little dinner music and then rocking out later if the occasion requires.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like information on availabilty, fees etc., or to book Andy and Chris to play at your blues club, bar or private party.

Andy & Chris can be contacted by any of the following methods

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(+44) 7951 170 874