Big Easy

Big Easy take a generous helping of Blues, Rock, Jazz and Funk and blend them together to produce a spicy gumbo of New Orleans music you just can't help dancing to! The band play an infectious mix of music heavily influenced by the musicians from the swamps and bayous of the Mississippi delta. Throwing in their own compositions, the band create an exciting sound that will transport you to heady atmosphere of the French Quarter and the excitement of Mardi Gras celebrations in the Crescent City.

Mic Arloe

Big Easy were formed at the beginning of 1999, from musicians who over the years have played in The Werewolves of London, And Then Again, The Busted Fender Blues Band, Greg Watkins and the Great Escape, The Flying Roosters, The Jameson Set, The Jive Junkies, Andy Broad's Rhythm Kings and The Continentals

Over the years the musicians in the band have played in pubs, clubs and at music festivals all over Britain, appearing alongside some of the top international Blues stars. And they have put this experience to good use to create Big Easy's distinct sound The combination of Mick Arloe's vocals, the blistering guitar of Colin Jones, the Latin percussion of Russ Tarley and the boogie piano of Kevin Brazier, fuelled by the driving drums of Richard Janke and doghouse growl of Tim Nowell's bass, creating a mouth-watering music you just can't ignore!

Big Easy are putting the finishing touches to the bands new CD, "Preservation". Recorded live in the studio just like the old days, the album contains 8 tracks and will be ready for release at the beginning of October.

So bring your moon beads and dancin' shoes and prepare yourself for a night bopping to the irresistible second line carnival rhythms of the Big Easy.

Let the Good Times Roll!

Mic Arloe

Mic and Colin Kev and Mic Russ Taley Richie
Mic Arloe and Colin Jones Kevin Brazier Russ Taley Richrad Janke
Tim Nowell Kev Mic Russ Colin
Tim Nowell The Frog On The Front - July 2001

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