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SketchBlock 3.1 - Digital Sketching For The Amiga

Sneek Peek At SketcBlock Pro 3.1

It's been a while since I updated the online docs with any news about SketchBlock, but I've had bit of time recently to work on a new ToolGadget which provides support for a resizable grid of buttons that can be used for both the main tool bar and the brushes selection gadget. Eventually it will work for the palette windows too. Here are two screen shots, click on the thumbnails to the right to see full 1920x1080 versions.

Screen Shot One

This screen shot shows the tool gadget in text and image mode in the tools window, and fully expanded to show all the brushes in the layers window. You can also see the expanded Paint tool with many new features since 2.8.

The image being edited in this shot is the CD cover of my latest CD "Cockerel Blues" available here

Screen Shot Two

The second screen shot shows the thumbnail for the first being edited. The toolbar is shown in image only mode, and you can see how with smaller gadgets they adjust position to take up less space, no more fixed numbers of tools per row. The gadget will update real time with no restart required, just save the preferences from the settings->edit menu with the new button mode seleceted. The buttons gadget is shown squashed up a little so that a scroll bar now automatically apears to allow accessing all the brushes in smaller area. Previously a fixed array of brushes was used with a virtual gadget to acheive this, this is much simple both to use and to code extentions too.

The tool shown is the new advanced colour picker gadget, with features like averaging, picking from a single layer or the whole flattened image, and also picking of the alpha value at a given pixel.

Screen Shot Three

This third grab show a new script plugin which creates circular text patterns. It's a work in progress, but quite functional, the low level functions and ARexx equivalent calls which can now measure, rotate and translate the sub polygons of a path, open up a lot of possibilties to keen ARexx coders.

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