Blender For AmigaOS 4.1

Here is some preliminary information on the port of blender to AmigaOS4.1. For more information on blender itself please got to

Blender can be downloaded from os4depot, the source is available too, but building from source is not recommended.

There is an irc channel dedicated to blender on amigaos4 at #blender. Come on to discuss tips, tricks and amiga specific problems....

  • Requirements

    Blender will require AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 or above, all shared objects required in addition to the system standard ones are included in the distribution archive. Blender for AmigaOS 4 is linked against python25 (version 53.24 or above) , and requires MiniGL 2.2.

  • Advice for users with graphics cards with low memory

    You may encounter problems starting blender if your graphics card has only 32Mb RAM and you use a large 32bit workbench screen, typically MicroA1 users with a more modern TFT monitor. A good solution to this is to set up a screen mode for blender in Screens Prefs. Set the blender screen to be 16bit and switch compositing off. You can then either choose this screen with the -MN options (see below) or set it to "promote" the default blender screen named "Blender".

  • Advice for OS4.x for Classic users

    When running blender on Classic setup memory is often a relatively scarce resource. Blender needs about 50/60 Mb to start and alittle more to render, so if you are limited to 128Mb then a swap partition is essential. Whilst blender will work well with paging, sometimes it may have trouble opening the render window if "real " memory is low. Before amiga release 248.3 this would cause a crash, with 248.3 however the render window will fail to open in "safe" manner and the render process will continue in the background. As usual pressing 'Escape' will stop the render and return control, to the user. A better way to render in these low memory situations would be to set the render options to render either in an Image Editor or Fullscreen.

  • Command line Options

    Blender for AmigaOS supports all standard blender command line options. In addition the following enable some AmigaOS specific features and functionality.

    -M start blender on it's own screen, selected from screenmode requester
    -MM<screenmode> starts blender on it's own screen with the specified screen mode
    -MN<screename> starts blender on a named screen (The screen must be open or defined in screens prefs)

    (With the above two options there must be no space between option and argument.)

    -G enable graphics.library based workarround for glDrawPixel bug on some graphics cards.
    Only supports RGBA format at the moment, but does supports scaling. It handles alpha blending, but very crudely so that icons etc look a bit more 'contrasty' than the blender standard (better than invisible though :-))

  • Experimental Arexx Port

    Blender for AmigaOS has an ARexx port! The Portname is of the form "BLENDER.N" where N is the Nth copy of blender open. Typically this will be 1 ie port name will be BLENDER.1

    The command set is deliberatly small yet powerful. The main power comes being able to call python scripts via the ARexx port, giving more options for automation, integration etc. Here is a short article on writing "hybrid" arexx / python scripts in blender.

    A description of the available commands follows:

    Load blender project from specified file. FORCE prevents the requestsr in the blender GUI.

    Save blender project to current file. FILENAME specifies a new filename and FORCE prevents the overwrite requester.

    Stops whatever blender is doing and quits.

    Stops what ever blender is doing. Equivalent to pressing the ESC key. Stops rendering, anim display, etc.

    Run a python script in the blender interpreter.

    The default is to run a script passed in a string. As readargs is used to parse the ARexx commands this string must be escaped AmigaDOS style

    eg "import Blender*Nprint dir(Blender)" where *N is a newline etc ** must be used for *

    FILE run python script from specified filename instead. No escaping required here

    VAR specify a python variable to be returned to ARexx as the RESULT

    eg 'RUNPYTHON VAR="foo" "foo = 3 ** 4"'

    returns 12 in result

    The variable will be converted to an Arexx string so must be of a suitable type.

    Move the blender window to the front. SCREEN specifies move the screen instead.

    Opposite of above.

  • File handling and paths

    This version of blender uses AmigaDOS paths, throughout. However there are still a few quirks. For instance to get a list of drives you need to type the dir "/" in the blender filerequester

    Blender should now handle non AmigaDOS paths in loaded blend files. And will correctly deal with the resulting mixed paths so long as the unix / windows part is normalised (ie no repeated slashes etc.) and obviously the paths must be relative. This is not as exhaustively tested so if you find a blend file that can't load properly becauase of paths please let me know.

    When saving a blend file it will only be "portabale" to another blender on another OS if all files that blender needs are in the same or subdirectories of the same directory as blender file.

    Plugins scripts etc can be found in PROGDIR:.blend

If you wish to encourage me in developement of this project you can donate via paypal. Please leave a message or send me an associated email to