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It was pointed out to me recently that a few of my more prominent projects were missing from this page, and in fact on reviewing the page I had a little chuckle about just how out of date this page is.

So I've decided to start an update, as of 2014, some entries clearly haven't been altered since 2002!

This section of my web-site is intended to provide information and support for the various AmigaOS related projects I am involved in. For the moment the site will be very terse. A few necessary links, and some brief info on the projects I'm working on.

  • AWeb - The Amiga Web Browser.
    An Open Source web browser originaly written by Yvon Rozijn. I have been heavily involved in the project for a couple of years now.. Make that nearly 14 years as of 2014. The project has passed it's peak, and no longer has a dedicated site but the latest AmigaOS 4.1 compatable version can be found at os4depot.
    The most recent update was 3.5.11 and fixed some security concerns with ssl sites.
  • Perl for AmigaOS 4.0. 4.1 Now!
    Work on a native port of perl 5.8.5 is progressing well finished and superceded by a more upto date port of 5.16.3. Native means that it requires no ixemul (an amiga unix emulation library).
    The 5.16.3 port is newlib based and uses shared object to provide a far more functional dynamic module support. perl_newlib5.16.3.lha
    The old distribution is still available for backwards compatabilty.

    One ot two bugs remain to be fixed, but the port works.

  • Perl_Reaction
    This is an experimental, but quite functional, wrapper for the Amiga OS4.0 Reaction GUI system. It enables perl scripts with GUI's. The latest version is available for download at os4depot perl_reaction.tar.bz2 THis is still available but should be considered depricated in favour of ProAction. The apod project still uses it for the moment, but will be migrated to ProAction when I have the time.
    Small script for editing mp3 tags, uses perl_Reaction for the gui. The code is intended as an example of how to code for perl_Reaction and contains detailed comments. id3editor.tar.bz2
  • Abc-shell
    Amiga Bourne Compatable Shell. A project at source forge to bring a native bourne shell to AmigaOS 4.0. abc-shell.
    Whilst still officially a contributor I haven't written any! code for this somewhat mature project for some time.
  • AnimIcon.
    A little tool to display animated icons that launch programs. 68k Version Documentation
    Just abit of fun really but one of my first publicaly available Amiga Programs.
    I actually updated this for Amiga OS4.1 recently improving the functionailty slightly, get it here.
  • Aifxjpegload.
    This is an OS4 PPC native jpeg loader for ImageFX 4.5 (also works with some earlier versions of imagefx, your mileage may vary). aifxjpegload.lha.
    As well as being faster than the original provided 68k version, it supports some extra formats, that the original did not.
  • Blender. I'm currently working on maintain and more or less completed AmigaOS4.1 port of blender. You can read the preliminary documentation of the AmigaOS specific options and extentions here. Recent improvements include support for 32ilbm images.
  • 2014 additions below:
  • SketchBlock. Possibly my most ambitious project, SketchBlock is a powerful High Dynamic Range painting and image processing application for Amiga OS 4.1 and up. You can find detailed info about it here.
  • Fractals For SketchBlock. My first truely commercial project, a power fractal image generator for SketchBlock, details here Fractals For SketchBlock.
  • ProAction. A powerful interface between any arexx enabled scripting language and the AmigaOS 4 ReAction GUI system. details here.
  • PIL - Python Imaging Library. A really useful set of function for image handling in python. Currently used for image format conversion in the SketchBlock suit of programs. My port includes the addition of datatypes support. on os4depot.
  • Perl Amiga::CAMD. A useful perl module for the new 5.16.3 port enabling interaction with midi devices via CAMD. on os4depot
  • Line 6 Pod Editor. Use the above Perl Amiga::CAMD as well as ProAction to provide a GUI for editing sound presets on a line6 amp simulator. on os4depot
  • In case I missed something here is a complete list of things I uploaded to os4depot. Hmm more than I thought! Possibly the most important ommision above is the UCLogic USB Tablet driver!

If you wish to encourage me in developement of these projects you can donate via paypal. Please leave a message or send me an associated email to

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AmigaOS 4.0 is developed by Hyperion Entertainment.